Jeff Sippel & Don Messec:

Alternative Lithography

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Dates: July 1-5, 2013

Registration: $599.00

Deposit: $100.00

General Studio Fee: $150.00

What to Bring



  1. Jeff Sippel

The beauty of lithography as sensual and alchemic is rediscovered in this workshop which takes a look at at least 4 highly creative approaches: waterless, mokulito (wood plate), polyester and xerox lithography.

Learning from 2 of the best what works, what doesn’t ,and why.  Find out just how magical these process can be for working and layering images.  And how fluidly imagery can be produced and altered, whether working by hand, digitally or both!  This workshop makes use of ‘rubberized ink’ that nearly eliminates off gassing and allows for water cleanup. The inks are amazing performers.

Jeff Sippel delivered on the development of waterless lithography for Tamarind Institute.  Don Messec has been pushing independent artist-printmakers’ research for 20 years.  All processes can be done on an etching press as well as litho press.  Polyester and xerox plates could hardly be simpler yet allowing a broad range of image and mark making approaches.  Waterless is closer to stone lithography except greatly reducing labor and toxicity, and mokulito is simply mind blowing.  Plus if you like fly fishing, maybe you will get the opportunity after class.


Jeff Sippel is presently Professor of Art at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. He has an extensive list of exhibitions and lectures and spent many years improving the process of waterless lithography. His many presentations, include lecturing in the Soviet Union, Finland, South Africa, Chile, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Mexico, Canada and a long list of venues in the US. Having served as Education Director of Tamarind Institute during 1988-1998, Sippel will share his experiences and advice for collaborative efforts as well as technical tips to pass along for a variety of other printmaking applications. You can get a glimpse of Jeff Sippel's work at Art and Sculpture and at Kemper Art Museum.  Learn more about Jeff here.


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